Guolian Mission

Supply People With Healthy Marine Food

Guolian Vision

To become the most influential marine food enterprise



The establishment of Guolian Aquatic Products Co.Ltd


2004, Through the US anti-dumping case, became the sole Chinese enterprise with Zero duty to export to U.S. market (and the only 2 in the world)


2007, Successfully broke the export ban of US FDA, became one of the first group of Chinese aquatic enterprises back to U.S. market;


2010, Guolian Aquatic Group public-listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the sole public listedcompany in China shrimp industry. Guolian Aquatic Group's sub-brand "Longba" published.


2012,Successfully acquired Sunnyvale Seafood Corporation in USA;the wholly owned subsidiary company Guangdong Gourmet Aquatic Products Co., Ltd established;


2015,The Fourth Five-year Strategic Development Plan of Guolian Aquatic Group was formulated.

2015,Guolian Aquatic Group’s R&D Center established, a milestone of the company officially setforth to the valued added food industry.

2015,Guolian Aquatic Group's sub-brand "Xiaobalong" published.


2018,Guolian Yiyang Food Co., Ltd, the crawfish factory, established.


2019,Guolian Aquatic Group’s intelligent factory officially put into operation.


2021,The Fifth Five-year Strategic Development Plan of Guolian Aquatic Group was formulated. Revenue in the domestic market exceeded 60%.


2022, The group has been awarded three certificates of origin form RCEP with serial number 001 in Guangdong, China.

2022, Guolian was awarded the third prize of "Top 100 Chinese Prepared Food Brands" by IMedia Consulting.

2022, Guolian Aquatic Group and China Cuisine Association jointly formulated the group standard of ”Specifications for Prepared Food“.